Subcontracting Opportunity: HUD Funded TA Initiative

CSH is seeking a subcontractor to provide one year of technical assistance (TA) to communities through a United States Department of Housing and Urban Development’s (HUD) Office of Special Needs Assistance Programs initiative. This HUD funded TA initiative focuses on veteran and chronic homelessness in CoCs around the country. The appropriate subcontractor will be able to assist with various items, including:

  • Using data driven outcomes;
  • Coordinated entry;
  • Targeting and prioritizing highest need and high utilizers of service;
  • Implementing Housing First; and
  • Making connections to mainstream resources.

The subcontractor’s work will mainly comprise of the following:

Direct TA

The subcontractor and CSH will work with participating communities to design a package of interventions and support that will put each community on an accelerated path towards eliminating veteran and chronic homelessness.

Subcontractor and CSH coordination

The subcontractor and CSH will work closely together to strengthen and merge the expertise of each organization in order to provide the best technical assistance possible for each community. Coordination will occur via in-person meetings, e-mail, and phone.

Performance improvement and outcomes analysis

The subcontractor and CSH staff will work with communities to provide guidance and analysis of outcomes and performance. The methodology and measures used will provide the basis for an evaluation framework of the initiative and the communities participating.

Collaboration with other strategic initiatives and non-participating communities The subcontractor and CSH will collaborate and engage national strategic partners to leverage capacity, align efforts, enhance work plan deliverables, and increase the odds that participating communities are able to meet the goals of Opening Doors. In addition, the subcontractor and CSH will ensure that best practices and lessons learned through the initiative are effectively communicated with non-participating communities.

Development of tools and products The subcontractor and CSH will create several tools for use by the communities and other HUD grantees.

Frequent User replication CSH and the subcontractor will provide 1:1 TA to communities wishing to implement a frequent user project. TA will focus on the HUD Prioritization Guidance which highlighted frequent user projects as one way a community can prioritize its resources.

Milestones and Deliverables:

  • Deliverable 1: It is estimated that the subcontractor will provide 70 communities an average of 140 hours of technical assistance.
  • Deliverable 2: Monthly status updates.
  • Deliverable 3: Semi-annual reports on the improvements and progress achieved by communities participating in the initiative.
  • Deliverable 4: Intensive TA to 15-20 communities on starting FUSE Projects.

Funding Available:

An amount not to exceed $1,000,000 is available for this project.

Application Process:

In order for consideration to become a subcontractor and participate in this work, we will need you to complete and return the below application and forms no later than Monday, August 24, 2015.

You may include up to 6 staff members in the application. The following forms are included:

All of the application information and forms must be completed and submitted to Margaret Palmer (Margaret.palmer@csh.org) no later than Monday, August 24, 2015 in order to be considered. This information includes proposed billing rates, completed copies of the forms referenced above, resumes for up to six proposed staff members included in the Staff Experience and Expertise matrix and the Organization Experience matrix, and a two paragraph description of your organization's core competencies and accomplishments.


CSH will evaluate applications utilizing the following criteria and will select the highest-scoring valid proposal:

  • Demonstrated successful performance of substantially similar work (up to 20 points);
  • Relevant project work (up to 20 points);
  • Experience and expertise (up to 20 points);
  • Years of relevant experience (up to 20 points); and
  • Rate reasonableness and overall cost of services (up to 20 points)

We will contact you regarding the determination of adding you as a CSH subcontractor. Please note that CSH requires subcontractors, including individuals and sole proprietors, to carry workers' compensation insurance while performing work under a CSH subcontract.

If you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail Margaret.

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