CSH Receives Comerica Charitable Foundation Support in MI

CSH is pleased to be a recipient of grant funding from Comerica Charitable Foundation. Comerica is committed to community reinvestment and offers awards to projects that will impact issues that are important to the company and communities within their footprint, while responding to the diversity within the population that will be impacted. With this generous award, CSH staff in Michigan will (1) remove barriers to supportive housing, (2) enhance practitioner capacity, and (3) provide low-interest loans to supportive housing developers and project sponsors, resulting in 250 new supportive and affordable housing units in the Detroit area.

Despite supportive housing's proven impact on ending homelessness; the supply in Detroit does not come close to meeting the need. Developing and operating supportive housing is complex, with projects requiring multiple funding sources, the capacity to integrate services into day-today operations, and support to ensure the quality of their developments. Without CSH's support and guidance, many projects would never come to fruition.

The Homeless Action Network of Detroit (HAND - Detroit's Continuum of Care) has set an ambitious plan to end homelessness in five-years. Detroit is now poised to adopt this plan. We will help HAND and the city of Detroit implement the recommendations of the 2014 Detroit Supportive Housing financial modeling report.

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