Supportive Housing and Healthcare Partnership in IL

CSH launched a second year of its Medicaid Capacity Building Initiative for Permanent Supportive Housing. This initiative includes 12 providers who will meet five times for half-day training sessions that will take place between July and November, 2014. Some of the key objectives of the Initiative are to guide participants to:

  1. Learn about current and future Medicaid-financed services delivered in SH, and the concepts the State of Illinois and Managed Care Organizations (MCO) are exploring to expand services paid for by Medicaid;
  2. Be assisted in conducting organizational assessments to determine if they should consider becoming a Medicaid provider for direct billing, develop capacity to engage in Medicaid-financed partnerships or identify providers who can integrate in their services.
  3. Learn about the process of becoming Medicaid-certified in Illinois and successful approaches to being full service partners with Medicaid providers for the benefit of supportive housing participants.


Stay tuned for updates on the progress of these teams and how this effort will enhance provider capacity.

Please visit the Training Center to learn more about online opportunities to enhance your knowledge on Medicaid as a revenue source for supportive services and how to develop the infrastructure to bill Medicaid.



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