Training Will Make the Difference

Deb De Santis is the President & CEO of CSH

Deb De Santis_headshotAs supportive housing has grown to be recognized as an effective intervention for vulnerable populations, so has the need for knowledge dissemination. For several years we have surveyed the supportive housing industry about the challenges and opportunities we were confronting. What we heard time and time again was the overwhelming need for trainings to help stakeholders stay current on best practices and be made aware of developing trends. It is with this in mind that CSH is rolling out our newly created Supportive Housing Training Center.

The Training Center will serve as a platform to provide trainings hosted by CSH, supplying others with important information, expert advice and the tools necessary to create effective housing solutions.

The Training Center is a bold effort to significantly expand the supportive housing industry’s capacity and capabilities, with the ultimate goal being the creation of quality supportive housing across the country.

Stakeholders will be able to access a robust offering of site-based strategies as well as remote and on-line training capabilities.

Now that the Training Center is up and running, we hope you will avail yourself of the offerings and encourage others to do so as well.  We also welcome your thoughts and feedback as we continue to refine the content, always striving to provide the most relevant information and tools to the supportive housing community.

CSH is proud to present the Supportive Housing Training Center, offering practical, interactive training solutions that empower people to learn about, create, and provide high-quality supportive housing in their communities. Its purpose is clear: to enable people from all backgrounds to practice and master the skills necessary to produce supportive housing and improve the lives of vulnerable people in our society.

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