System Mapping in Fort Collins, Colorado

CSH is driving into new and exciting work in the area of system mapping. Stephanie Mercier and Mandy Champman-Semple from our Consulting and Training team were in Fort Collins, Colorado last week to help to redesign a process that combines data analysis with intensive community feedback to develop a visual representation of the existing homelessness response system. They helped identify opportunities to redesign the system to support of the goal of preventing and ending homelessness.

In the first community session on September 25, a diverse group of stakeholders participated in a simulation of their current community’s housing needs and explored possible system improvements. They used the knowledge gained through this simulation, coupled with CSH’s map of the existing system, to draft redesigned system maps. CSH used these maps and additional data to produce a set of recommendations for a system redesigned to focus on streamlining access to permanent housing.

These system redesign recommendations were presented to the community on October 16. CSH commends Fort Collins for undertaking this intensive process and their commitment to improving their response to the homeless population.

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