Urgent Action in CA: Interagency Council on Homelessness Within Reach

California may now be closer than ever to creating a meaningful state interagency council on homelessness. CSH and Housing California are working to urge Governor Brown to issue an executive order. During a critical window of opportunity this fall, we believe he may do so if he receives enough support for an executive order. A council would convene state agencies, regional partners, and stakeholders to explore opportunities for federal funding, to coordinate the state's response to homelessness, and to ensure consistency among programs. It could have a direct impact on funding and coordination of existing resources for local efforts to reduce homelessness.

Take action today!

We are asking all partners to take two simple steps to help CSH and Housing California make an interagency council on homelessness a reality:

1. Send a letter to Governor Brown to urge him to create an interagency council via executive order. Use the CSH-Housing California sample, or create your own letter.

2. Ask an elected official in your community to send a letter to Governor Brown.

Whether you have a relationship with an elected official or not, your voice in the community is critical to educating elected officials about the importance of a state council. Contact Sharon Rapport at CSH at (323) 243-7424 or sharon.rapport@csh.org to coordinate.

Letters from communities across the state will inform the Governor that homelessness is not just a local issue, and that the state has a tremendous influence, either in allowing homelessness to increase, or in stemming the tide of homelessness.

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