Twenty Successes -- Collaboration is Key: CSH Begins Work in NYC

In 1991, CSH established its first program in New York City based on a permanent housing model that combined housing and onsite services for those who need it most. From the start, we knew we had to bring city agencies, developers and service providers to the table to create supportive housing that meets the needs of New York’s homeless population. That’s why we worked to build upon the first “NY/NY” Agreement — a groundbreaking collaboration between the state and city governments to address homelessness for individuals with mental illness. CSH conducted an in-depth cost analysis to make the case for the subsequent NY/NY II and III.

Twenty years later, CSH is still hard at work in New York, and the most recent NY/NY III agreement, represents the single largest investment in supportive housing by a locality. And, it addresses more than just individual homeless people, it serves a wide range of populations including families and young adults.

We’ve seen what can happen when city and state agencies come together to streamline efforts, funding and housing, and we’ve proudly invested over $68 million in loans and grants to create more than 9,000 supportive housing opportunities for New York since we set up shop.

As we look ahead to our next 20 years, we’re excited to continue our work with New York and the many other communities where supportive housing offers a solution for the most vulnerable Americans.

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