Annual Report

CSH 2012 Annual Report

CSH is leading the supportive housing industry into a strong and sustainable future. We shape the national supportive housing agenda and encourage growth in our field by making connections between supportive housing and the issues that matter to people, governments and communities.

Innovate, measure and evaluate smart solutions
CSH has been at the forefront of finding new and innovative means to provide funding for services including social innovation financing, allowing communities to implement supportive housing solutions for their most vulnerable residents.

Engage and influence policy and decision makers
A CSH pilot program in New York caught the eye of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Administration on Children, Youth and Families and spurred the creation of a historic $35.5 million public-private partnership, creating supportive housing designed to give kids and families a chance to live healthier more productive lives.

Reform and improve government systems
CSH’s increased engagement with government agencies like Public Housing Authorities has supported a shift in public resources that lightens the burden on systems, reduces public costs and improves outcomes for veterans, homeless individuals who have special needs, people cycling through shelter, hospitals, jail and other institutions, and vulnerable families.

Fund new projects and programs
CSH infuses projects and initiatives with funding that drives expansion and progress. Receiving a $25 million New Market Tax Credit Allocation provided CSH a new avenue to innovate the funding model used for supportive housing development in some of the highest need areas in the country like Harlem, Detroit and Philadelphia.

Educate and empower industry players
CSH’s best practices, tools and trainings build the capacity of the industry. By engaging with new partners in the health care sector at both the policy and practice level, the health care and service delivery for supportive housing tenants is enhanced and improved.

Lead and expand the supportive housing industry
CSH’s emphasis on advancing quality supportive housing is one of a kind. CSH builds capacity, ensures new and existing resources are being used and allocated efficiently and effectively, and helps ensure better outcomes for supportive housing tenants, especially those with multiple barriers to housing stability.

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