How We Work

Innovate, measure and evaluate smart solutions

CSH develops and evaluates new models and demonstration programs that uncover innovative, data-driven methods to make supportive housing work better for more people — especially the highest-cost, highest-need people. We measure outcomes and evaluate impact so our work (and the industry’s best practices) are grounded in research.

Engage and influence policy and decision makers

CSH builds relationships within federal, state and local governments to increase understanding and backing of supportive housing. We advocate for comprehensive policy and programs that help very vulnerable people receive the coordinated services they need.

Reform and improve government systems

CSH transforms how public agencies tackle complex and costly problems by coordinating targeted supportive housing solutions. We work with communities to shift public resources in a way that lightens the burden on systems, reduces public costs and improves outcomes for the people most in need.

Fund new projects and programs

CSH infuses projects and initiatives that include supportive housing with funding that drives expansion and progress. Our financial support ensures a diverse set of supportive housing options and encourages the use of cutting-edge financing models and architectural design.

Educate and empower industry players

CSH’s best practices, tools and trainings build the capacity of the industry. With our Dimensions Quality leading the way, we help ensure that more communities are able to create and operate high-quality supportive housing.

Lead and expand the supportive housing industry

CSH is leading the supportive housing industry into a strong and sustainable future. We shape the national supportive housing agenda and encourage growth in our field by making connections between supportive housing and the issues that matter to people, governments and communities



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