Healthy Aging in Supportive Housing Toolkit

This toolkit is for those who want to develop housing solutions for vulnerable elders by
creating, enhancing and delivering quality supportive housing. This guide will be
especially useful for:

  • Supportive housing developers that would like to rehabilitate or build new
    housing projects that effectively meet the needs of aging and elderly tenants.
  • Property managers that would like to modify or enhance existing or new housing
    facilities and/or units to effective meet the needs of aging and elderly tenants, and to plan for future modifications or enhancements as tenant needs change.
  • Service providers that would like to better meet the complex health and housing
    stability needs of aging and older tenants in supportive housing.
  • Policy makers who would like to develop upstream solutions to meeting the needs of this population

This toolkit updated in December, 2021 was made possible through the generous support of The Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Foundation and JP Morgan Chase.

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