RFP: CSH Seeks Consultant(s)
for WI Tribal Supportive Housing Institute

Consulting Services Overview

CSH is seeking consultant(s) to assist with the development and delivery of Wisconsin’s first ever Tribal
Supportive Housing Institute from December 2022 – September 2023.

This work is focused on two tasks:

  • Task 1: Modify Existing Supportive Housing Curriculum for a tribal audience to reflect tribal
    sovereignty, tribal specific funding streams, and Native American culture and traditions; and
  • Task 2: Co-Train/Co-Facilitate the WI Tribal Supportive Housing Institute with CSH and WHEDA.

Preference will be given to applicants who identify as Native/Indigenous. Reponses to this RFP are due
on December 2nd, 2022.

CSH Supportive Housing Institute

CSH and the Wisconsin Housing & Economic Development Authority (WHEDA) are pleased to offer
Wisconsin’s first ever Tribal Supportive Housing Institute beginning in Spring 2023. CSH is adapting
CSH’s premiere workshop experience, the Supportive Housing Institute, to reflect Native American
culture and traditions and take into account the nuances of tribal sovereignty and funding streams.
CSH has delivered the Supportive Housing Institute in communities across the country to support the
development of new supportive housing units. Supportive housing combines affordable housing, with
services to create housing that people who are homeless, have disabilities such as mental illness,
substance abuse, intellectual and/or developmental disabilities can access to build stable lives.

The goal of the Tribal Institute is to significantly reduce the time it takes to fund a project by building a
strong development team equipped to navigate the complex process of developing housing with
support services. We believe the Tribal Institute is a great way to jump start high-quality, culturally
specific supportive housing projects for tribal members across Wisconsin.
The Supportive Housing Institute is based on the CSH Dimensions of Quality which strives to build the
capacity of the supportive and affordable housing industries to create and operate high-quality,
effective and sustainable housing units. The Dimensions of Quality include a baseline definition,
outcomes, and components that comprise a quality project.

Teams will be made up of a housing developer, a supportive service provider, and a property manager,
the three roles necessary to develop a quality supportive housing project. They will apply to the institute
to work on developing a supportive housing project either on or off tribal land. Teams will be provided
with a combination of both in-person and virtual training to better accommodate schedules and travel
needs, as well as provide critical in-person technical assistance and peer learning.

Up to 5-7 teams will be selected to participate in a 6-month experience that is designed to leave them
with a detailed development and management plan for their supportive housing project reflective of
Native culture and tribal sovereignty. The institute will also position each team to successfully apply for
funding from WHEDA and other funding entities.

Detailed Consultant Tasks

Task 1: Modify Existing Supportive Housing Curriculum for a Tribal Audience
CSH is seeking a Consultant to modify the existing Supportive Housing Curriculum for a Tribal Audience.
The work is described below.

• Suggest modifications to the existing supportive housing curriculum to tailor the content to a
Tribal and Native audience, reflecting tribal sovereignty, tribal specific funding streams, and
Native American/Indigenous culture and traditions. The current CSH Institute curriculum
includes approximately 10 modules of training with PowerPoint presentations and inperson/virtual exercises tailored for adult learning. The curriculum is currently being used in 13
institutes across the country.
• Adapt curriculum materials including weaving Native American/Indigenous culture and
traditions throughout the trainings and exercises as well as adding new material that is specific
for tribes, such as funding streams for capital, operating and services on and off Tribal land.
• Timeline: Complete within 3 months of contract execution

Task 2: WI Supportive Housing Institute Co-Trainer/Co-Facilitator
CSH is seeking an experienced trainer who is familiar with Native culture and traditions and has
experience developing housing on tribal lands. The Consultant will be a Co-Trainer/Facilitator with CSH
staff of the WI Tribal Supportive Housing Institute. The work is described below.

• Assist CSH with refining the institute request for proposals document, participate in a 1-hour
institute RFP webinar and review up to 10 applications with CSH to select teams.
• Co-Train/Facilitate 3 virtual and 3 in person sessions with CSH staff. This work includes
preparation before the session and delivery of training content (PowerPoint presentations,
group discussions and group exercises). Total instruction time is approximately 4 hours/day for
3 days for each virtual session and 7 hours/day for two days for each in-person sessions.
• Assist CSH in identifying Native/Indigenous guest speakers and content experts.
• The institute will be delivered in a hybrid model with some sessions virtual and others in person
to better accommodate schedules and travel needs while also providing in-person
opportunities. Costs for travel (flight, mileage, hotel, etc.) will be paid for by CSH.
• Deliver up to 35 hours of follow up technical assistance to institute teams
• Timeline: March 2023 – September 2023

Project Budget

The budget for Task 1 (modify existing supportive housing curriculum) is not to exceed $15,000.

The budget for Task 2 (co-train/co-facilitate the WI Tribal Supportive Housing Institute) is not to exceed
$42,000. This includes both training and travel time for 3 in-person sessions. Additional travel costs will
be covered by CSH.

If you are applying for both tasks, the budget is not to exceed $57,000. This does not include travel
costs which CSH will cover.

RFP Response Directions

We welcome your responses to this RFP. You may respond to only one, or both tasks noted in this RFP.
To assist CSH in selecting the best consultant please note the following in your short 3-4 page, written
response to the RFP:

• Your experience working as a consultant for tribes and indigenous communities to develop
supportive or affordable housing
• Your experience in adult learning methods, creating classroom or virtual trainings, and/or
delivering technical assistance.
• Tribal Affiliation (If applicable)
• Estimated hours to complete task
• Price to complete Task 1, Task 2 or both Tasks

Responses to the RFP should be submitted to: Wisconsin.Institute@csh.org by December 2nd, 2022.

Please feel free to reach out with any questions about this Consulting RFP to

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carry workers' compensation and commercial general liability insurance while performing work
under a CSH subcontract. CSH subcontractors cannot have existing, pending or expired
debarments or other preclusions on doing business with (either directly or indirectly) with the
United States government and cannot have convictions for, nor have any pending indictments
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