Request for Proposal: NetSuite Implementation

For over 25 years CSH has been a game-changer for the most vulnerable people in our country.

  • Helping communities create more than 325,000 homes for individuals and families who did not have one;
  • Bringing hope to thousands who thought they would live on the streets or reside in institutions; and
  • Ensuring not only a stable home for each, but access to the services that brought healthcare, recovery and training to their doorsteps.

Not only has CSH proven supportive housing works and changes the lives of individuals, families and communities, we have done so while creating a family of nationally recognized experts who stay committed to our organization and mission. We pride ourselves in high performance in the services we deliver externally and through the strength of our operations internally. Our current strategic plan reiterates our commitment to excellence with the goal of increasing organizational capacity. It is with this in mind that CSH issues a request for proposal (RFP)for a consultant to assist CSH in implementing the following NetSuite Programs:

  • NetSuite Suite Success Social Impact Premium Cloud Service
  • NetSuite Social Impact Project Management Cloud Service User
  • NetSuite Job Costing Mid-Market Cloud Service
  • NetSuite Resource Allocation Mid-Market Cloud Service, and
  • NetSuite Planning and Budget Premium Cloud Service

Although ambitious, CSH seeks to begin implementation in early July with adherence to a statement of work and schedule outlined by CSH and NetSuite. This statement of work will be shared after reviewing RFPs during the consultant interview and selection process.

Statement of Work
The Consultant is the point person for implementing and optimizing NetSuite software (for all components that are covered in the NetSuite agreement) for CSH. The Consultant will provide support for best use and integration of NetSuite to meet the varied operational needs of CSH.

  • Gain an understanding of CSH as an organization and as it relates to the NetSuite implementation.
  • Identify, evaluate, and understand CSH’s requirements to guide the NetSuite set-up, configuration and customization.
  • Ensure completion of tasks and components including but not limited to functional specifications, design specifications, configurations, quality assurance, user acceptance testing, implementations, and project reviews.
  • Work with the implementation team to design and integrate NetSuite into CSH’s infrastructure.
  • Develop informational reports, templates, dashboards, process mapping, process workflow, budgets and financial statements.
  • Reviewing the setup and testing of the Professional Services described as part of User Acceptance Testing as defined by the agreement between NetSuite and CSH.
  • Be responsible for exporting and manipulating data from the NetSuite instance to comply with localized taxation and reporting requirements.

Data Migration Obligations:

  • Provide conversion data in CSV file formats documented in the templates located in the system.
  • Perform data encryption, extraction, consolidation, cleansing and mapping to the appropriate service fields for all data import activity

User Acceptance Testing (UAT) Obligations:

  • Validate and, if necessary, modify UAT template test scenarios for all modules and all data sets.
  • Define additional UAT test scenarios as needed.
  • Be responsible for and complete UAT in line with testing scenarios.
  • Be responsible for removing all UAT data prior to go-live.
  • Perform cutover tasks assigned to CSH as identified in the cutover checklist.

Enablement Obligations:

  • Confirm the business process and identify script modifications prior to the creation of each eLearning Tutorial.
  • Review functionality of submitted eLearning Tutorial course elements and if needed, provide Oracle with desired changes, in writing, within five (5) business days of such submission.
  • Confirm industry standard file format (e.g. MP4, HTML5, EXE, SCORM) for Oracle’s provided eLearning Tutorials.
  • The consultant is required to assist with the configuration of NetSuite with third party software used by CSH. This includes but is not limited to DataBasics, Raiser’s Edge and TEA.
  • The consultant will be required to assist the CSH employees with learning the system and the modules.

The consultant is required to put together a user manual for CSH end users.


  • The consultant is required to have a current NetSuite certification or relevant experience and is required to provide that to CSH along with a formal bid.
  • The consultant should provide at least 2 references for similar work.
  • The consultant is required to be a legal entity to provide services in the United States of America as well as in New York State and be able to provide all legal documentation upon request.
  • The consultant is required to hold their own insurance policy.
  • The consultant is required to comply with all federal, state and local laws.
  • The consultant is required to be available between the hours of 9am – 5:30pm Eastern Standard Time.

How to Apply

  • Proposals are due by July 3, 2020, 5pm EDT to stephanie.harms@csh.org.  Please note “NetSuite RFP Response” in the email subject line.
  • Proposals should be no more than 4 pages, not including supporting documents such as resumes/C.V.s, and budget.
  • Proposal narrative should address each of the obligations sections above and relate proposer’s experience with each and how that experience applies to the CSH project.
  • Proposal narrative should also include at least 2 references for similar work
  • Please include a budget for the proposal. All budget proposals may be subject to negotiation.
  • For questions, please email stephanie.harms@csh.org.

Minority and women-owned business are encouraged to participate in this solicitation

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