RFP: Seeking an Evaluator for the Chicago Cook County Flexible Housing Pool

CSH is seeking a qualified independent evaluator of the Flexible Housing Pool’s impact on housing stability, health, and the use of crisis systems for individuals receiving housing and services through the program. The Flexible Housing Pool (FHP) is a partnership initiative with government, public and private hospitals, not-for-profit leaders, community partners, and other governmental entities. Partners include:

  • City of Chicago
  • Chicago Housing Authority
  • Cook County Health
  • CountyCare
  • UI Health
  • Center for Housing and Health
  • Illinois Public Health Institute
  • Corporation for Supportive Housing

The FHP’s goals are threefold:

  • Provide supportive housing and services to individuals who have been homeless and have high behavioral health and physical health needs that lead to frequent use of crisis systems (e.g. emergency rooms, shelters or jail).
  • Create new supportive housing.
  • Develop a program that increases efficiency in housing identification and placement, centralizes the housing coordination function, provides funding flexibility to overcome barriers to housing for this population and ultimately reduces the length of time to housing for FHP participants.

Participants are likely to experience the following outcomes:

  • Improvement in overall health, increased use of appropriate preventive health services, and corresponding reduction in use of crisis care such as hospital emergency rooms
  • Fewer days in Cook County jail, court, or police custody and reduced utilization of inappropriate medical services
  • Reduced utilization of homeless crisis response system
  • Increased stability and length of residency in supportive housing or other permanent housing

CSH is seeking a research partner to evaluate the success of the FHP in improving outcomes for participants. We are issuing this Request for Proposals (RFP) for organizations with demonstrated capacity and experience to conduct an impact evaluation for the initial implementation phase of the initiative. Included in this RFP is a description of the program, and an overview of the goals of the evaluation, a draft scope of services and tasks, and guidelines and timeline for submission.

The deadline to submit a response is April 24, 2019.


All questions pertaining to this RFP should be directed to:

Lauren Fulton
Senior Program Manager, CSH


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