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HEARTH.E.A.R.T Alliance for Sustainable Families

HEART is creating 50  supportive housing opportunities by connecting permanent housing subsidies provided by the five Broward County public housing authorities, with evidence-based supportive services. The services model will focus on:

  • Strengthening families by providing family and parenting skills training and positive parenting
  • Supporting healthy babies and children by providing pre-natal health and enhanced child health and development and success
  • Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) to help families build relationships, trust, protection and empowerment
  • Promoting economic self-sufficiency mentors, employment advancement, financially literacy, income enhancment, household budgeting and financial management coaching through Center for Working Families

Lead Organization

Kids In Distress, Inc. (KID, Inc.)


Broward County, FL

Number of families to serve

50 families

Family Selection Criteria

Income: 30 percent of Area Median Income

Child Welfare Involvement:

  • verified maltreatment
  • children at imminent risk of removal or have been removed
  • two or more child welfare reports received regarding the family
  • two or more child protection investigations involving the family
  • two or more child protection investigations with verified findings
  • legal sufficiency for judicial involvement
  • judicial involvement
  • family with children in foster care with a permanency goal of reunification for whom the lack of permanent housing is one of the remaining obstacles to reunification

Housing Status:

  • Homeless
  • Living in: places not meant for habitation, emergency shelters, transitional housing, residential treatment center without stable housing
  • facing imminent eviction from housing within 5 – 7 days
  • having 3 or more moves in 12 months
  • fleeing or attempting to flee domestic violence

Multiple High Needs:

  • At least one of the following: primary caregiver has mental health, drug or alcohol problem
  • child has mental health, behavioral health problem, a developmental, learning or physical disability
  • the family has at least two of the following characteristics: two or more domestic violence incidents in past year; primary caregiver has chronic health condition; age of youngest child is under two years; four or more children in the house; primary caregiver has criminal arrest history; household has previously received child protective services; primary caregiver has their own history of abuse or neglect as a child.

Partner Organizations

  • Kids In Distress, Inc. (KID, Inc.)
  • ChildNet
  • Broward Sheriff Office Child Protection Section
  • All 5 Public Housing Authorities in Broward County
  • HOPE South Florida
  • Urban League of Broward County (Center For Working Families)
  • Legal Aid of Broward County
  • Broward Health
  • Memorial Healthcare System
  • Broward Addiction Recovery Center
  • Women in Distress
  • Broward County Homeless Initiative
  • Partnership (CoC)
  • Barry University
  • Group Victory, LLC

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