Supportive Housing Services Budgeting Tool

The purpose of the CSH Supportive Housing Services Budget tool is to support agencies, communities, and project planners estimate the costs for supportive housing services. The tool uses a template that has built in assumptions around best practice staffing models, case load sizes, and program budget considerations unique to scattered-site and project-based supportive housing models. The tool allows each agency or community to input their average staffing costs, budget assumptions, and productivity expectations to determine rates needed by agencies for a fiscally sustainable program.  For supportive housing agencies that are negotiating with managed care, the tool gives you the rates you need to sustain your program over time.  The tool that can be used whether you’re working on one project with 30 tenants or across a community serving thousands of tenants. The key to using this tool is to understand the uses of the tool to help you through each step of the budgeting process, from selecting a staffing model, to determining rates needed by your agency to start up, develop and sustain programs.

The Services Budget Tool is temporarily under construction as of March 2, 2023. Please contact if you need immediate assistance.

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