Holt Family Apartments, Pomona, CA

With the services provided by Tri-City Mental Health Center located right on-site, families will have convenient access to an array of programs designed to help both parents and their children achieve stability.  CSH advanced the Holt Family project to construction phase by providing a $1.5M early-stage investment to the developer and our long time supportive housing partner, Clifford Beers Housing.

Holt Family Apartments is a 50-apartment community for families in the City of Pomona. The site includes outdoor space, a playground, a basketball court, community gardens, a community space for use by the tenants and the surrounding community, and offices for property management and case management staff. Green-friendly features include the first multifamily greywater recycling system in the city of Pomona. The 50 apartments consist of 12 one-bedrooms, 16 two-bedrooms and 22 three-bedrooms.

Services are provided by Tri-City Mental Health Services. The resident services coordinators work with all tenants to create a sense of community. Services focus on improving stability, self-sufficiency, benefits enrollment assistance, mental health, medication management, counseling, job training, and life skills development.

The John Stewart Company (JSCO) provides professional, on-site property management. JSCO manages over 20,000 units across California in market-rate, affordable and special needs projects. The on-site property manager works closely with the resident service coordinator and case managers to ensure quality of life for residents and the surrounding neighborhood.


April 2018


Supportive housing for families.

CSH Investment

$1.5 Million Pre-Development loan.