Central City Concern, Portland OR

CSH provided a $15M NMTC allocation to Central City Concern for the development of the Eastside Campus Project, also known as the Blackburn Building. Our investment supports the development of a 51,000 SF FQHC, which includes an on-site pharmacy and 51 respite beds for medically frail, very low-income individuals. Included in the six-story building and financed separately with low income housing tax credits, will be an additional 124 units of SRO and studio supportive housing for the most vulnerable — focusing on substance use disorder programs. In addition to primary healthcare, support services provided by Central City Concern will include comprehensive case management, mental health services, substance use treatment, housing placement, employment services and care coordination with other systems. As part of a Housing is Health collaboration, the project is supported by six area hospitals who provided $20 million in grant funding for the construction of the project, and Medicaid Managed Care Organizations who will provide funding to support the operations of the medical respite program. The project is also part of a study to be conducted by the Center for Outcomes Research and Education (“CORE”) who is completing some of the most comprehensive research in the country about the effect of housing on cost and access to services. The project closed November 10, 2017 and is currently under construction.

About Central City Concern
Central City Concern meets its mission through innovative outcome-based strategies which support personal and community transformation.

Direct access to housing which supports lifestyle change.
Integrated healthcare services that are highly effective in engaging people who are often alienated from mainstream systems.
The development of peer relationships that nurture and support personal transformation and recovery.
Attainment of income through employment or accessing benefits.


Under Construction as of 11/17


Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC)

CSH Investment

$15 Million New Markets Tax Credit