Illinois Statewide Referral Network

         The IL Statewide Referral Network is a partnership of State
         agencies and social service providers that allows for the
         pairing of households with available housing units.

Service Providers

Illinois Statewide Referral Network - For Service Partners Class


This self-paced class takes you through the needed components of how to join as a service partner, effectively use the PAIR Module, support households in the process of obtaining housing, along with other details pertaining to your role.



Illinois Statewide Referral Network Service Partner Guide

This glossary provides guidance on becoming a service partner.



Emphasys HUD Section 811 Case Manager User Guide

A user guide for Case Managers.



If you are interested in becoming a Statewide Referral Network (SRN) Service Partner.

Each staff member who will assist participant in applying for housing must listen to or participate in a new user training session and submit a new user agreement to Emphasys, the entity that manages the SRN database called the PAIR Module. Please see the instructions below.


If hearing a recorded new user onboarding session works best for you, select one option below:

Recorded training session with transcription OR Recorded training session without transcription



Virtual sessions will be offered the second Thursday of every month at 10AM CT in 2024. Click on the link below, select the date you prefer, and then register:

2024 SRN Onboarding Training Sessions


You can also complete this user agreement guide, which should be signed by yourself and your supervisor, and emailed to



Statewide Referral Network Fact Sheet gives information for Service Providers About Properties Supported by IHDA Resources


Click here to view available SRN units. If you serve a household interested in any, please add an SRN application if they do not have one yet or add the appropriate County to their list of options if this is not yet included.


View information on the Section 811 Rental Assistance Program

Housing Providers

Illinois State Referral Network - Class For Housing Providers

This self-paced class takes you through the needed components of listing units in the SRN Database/PAIR Module, the referral process, reasonable accommodations and the waiver process.



Illinois Statewide Referral Network Housing Provider Guide



SRN/Section 811 Unit Waiver Request Form



For more information on the Illinois Statewide Referral Network visit IHDA's SRN Page

Navigation Information on IHDA's SRN Page: Visit Property Owners, Managers, & Other Partners – IHDA and click on the Program Administration and Physical Inspections (PAPI) tab

Community Members

Resources for Community Members:

Understanding the Statewide Referral Network (SRN) Process


Reasonable Accommodations

Visit the link below to learn more about rights of people with disabilities when applying for housing or while living in housing.

Corporation for Supportive Housing (


If you are in search for affordable housing, please visit 

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