Federal, State and Local Policy Work

CSH works to integrate supportive housing into federal, state and local policies and funding. Staff across the country are engaged with policy work at different levels.

Action Alert!

CSH Invites Organizations to join us in urging Congress and President Biden to fund capacity-building investments that will improve Medicaid Home and Community Services

In response to President Biden's proposed American Jobs Plan & American Family Plan, CSH presents the Supportive Services Transformation Fund (SSTF) policy recommendations to address the lack of alignment between the housing and services sector.

The American Jobs Plan includes a significant investment in Medicaid Home and Community-Based Services (HCBS). These services are essential for better health outcomes and health equity, and for mitigating the risks of unnecessary institutionalization. 

In response to the American Jobs Plan and the American Family Plan President Biden previewed during the National Address, CSH presents the Supportive Services Transformation Fund (SSTF) policy recommendations to address the lack of alignment between the housing and services sectors. 

CSH suggests a path to build consensus around fixing the embedded racism and fragmented and uncoordinated responses from various public sector housing and health systems. Click above to access the CSH SSTF policy recommendations. 

CSH is urging Congress to set aside funds in FY 2022 in the reconciliation of the American Jobs and American Families Plans for building the capacity of State, local, and community providers to administer traditional HCBS, expanded housing support services, and other supportive services not currently covered by Medicaid. The funds are critical to improving the coordination, delivery, and availability of HCBS in your community.

Use the form below to add your organization to the letters urging Congress and the President to fund capacity-building investments to improve Medicaid home and community services that help people thrive. May 10th is the deadline to be included in the first draft of the letter to be submitted.

Click here for the full text of the letter to Congress

Click here for the full text of the letter to the President 

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Our Federal and State Policy Priorities

CSH urges Members of the federal Administration, Congress, Governors and state legislators, and community leaders to prioritize sound, cost-effective public policies that:

  • Preserve and increase key investments in housing programs
  • Expand investments in targeted interventions employing data and evidence-based solutions
  • Refine programs to spur innovation and increase flexibility, and transparency with accountability

We will be working with all Members of the Administration, Congress and state and local policymakers to promote legislation and actions that:

  • Preserve and Enhance Key Investments in Subsidized Rental Assistance and Low-income Housing
  • Enact Tax Reform and Financing to Expand Investment in Supportive Housing
  • Increase Flexibility and Funding for States and Counties to Embrace Keeping Families Together in Supportive Housing
  • Provide Flexibility and Incentives for Enhanced State Medicaid Services, Mental Health and Substance Use Investments
  • Ensure Health Coverage Continues for All Eligible Medicaid Recipients and Encourage Innovation
  • Expand Investments in Outcome-Based Financing Models and Tools
  • Support Investments that Advance Justice Reform, Especially for Youth