Q. What would you like folks to know about you in addition to the fact that you have lived experience of homelessness/housing instability?

What I would like people to know about me mostly and that I care about the person that is in need of help also enjoy reading, movies and football. But I really enjoy cooking the most for other people.  Favorite thing to cook: is everything! Especially new stuff.
Love making other people laugh.

Q. What keeps you most engaged in this work as part of the CLIP cohort?

What keeps me most engaged in this work being a dad that I have been down this road know how hard life can be maybe some of my suggestions and ideas make it easier for whoever and find me and struggling with being homeless.

Q. What role do you believe persons with lived expertise can play in creating systems change?

A person who has lived his life and those struggles and the pain maybe I can help creating a better system and made some changes so people have a better understanding how to help others in life.