Q. What would you like folks to know about you in addition to the fact that you have lived experience of homelessness/housing instability?

I am a college student pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Technology Management from Southern New Hampshire University, graduating July 2022.

Q. What keeps you most engaged in this work as part of the CLIP cohort?

Learning how these interrelated organizations work with each other and distribute services to the community. The more meetings I attend, the better acclimated I become to the system of operations. My CLIP leads and cohort members direct me to explore new ways of facilitating the process.

Q. What role do you believe persons with lived expertise can play in creating systems change?

People that have lived with housing instability can speak freely about their lives and experiences in obtaining help, or lack of it. PWLE contribute validity to the committees and can give “out of the box” thinking. Our participation may be a transition at first, but our contributions and concern for the community are genuine.