We cannot serve people experiencing homelessness without consulting them on matters that affect their daily lives and well being. 
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CSH's Consumer Leadership Involvement Project or "CLIP" aims to include more voices of people with lived experience in the decision-making process. Our team engages, trains, and supports people with lived experience to become consultants who can co-lead project work and discussions and provide feedback to agencies like Continuum of Care (CoC).

Our Work in Connecticut

In Connecticut, the 2021-2022 cohort of CLIP consultants have become an integral part of the planning and working body of the Connecticut Balance of State (CT BoS) and Opening Doors Fairfield County (ODFC) and CoC.

CT BoS and ODFC, stakeholder groups responsible for addressing and ending homelessness in their area, have initiated this project to increase the representation and influence of people with lived experience.

Meet Our Connecticut CLIP Consultants 

James Powers

"The more meetings I attend, the better acclimated I become to the system of operations."

Natalie Mazzone

I would like people to know that I am so much more than just a person who's experienced the hardship of homelessness- I'm a daughter, a sister, an activist, a pianist, an artist, and someone in recovery.

Richard Coleman

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Joe Lana Sicilia

I think we, people with lived experience, help keep our community partners on track with the goals and initiatives that we all share, by bringing our perspective, we add a richer, deeper picture of housing and homelessness

Veerasak Seedasome

My true passion in life is racing cars. It started when I was about 8 years old racing go karts.

Teth Pickens

I make music search "Muva MusiQ" on YouTube apple music, Spotify, Amazon etc  


The CLIP consultants participated in the Connecticut CoC as trainers, facilitators, panelists, and active meeting participants this year. The cohort has also reviewed, individually and as a team, the Governance Charter/by-laws for CT BoS and the Operating Guidelines for ODFC.

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Involving persons with lived experience in policy/program development and spotlighting their participation provides opportunities to challenge biases against those the homeless sector serves. Get in touch with us today to see how you can bring the CLIP project to your state.

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