Evidence and Research

Research and data can influence choices and drive the debate. When it comes to supportive housing, CSH is committed to arming the industry and community stakeholders with the latest, verifiable information about how supportive housing works.

  • Supportive Housing Improves Lives Research has shown that supportive housing has positive effects on housing stability, employment, mental and physical health, and school attendance. People in supportive housing live more stable and productive lives. Find all CSH research on the impact of supportive housing.
  • Supportive Housing Generates Significant Cost Savings to Public Systems Cost studies in six different states and cities found that supportive housing results in tenants’ decreased use of homeless shelters, hospitals, emergency rooms, jails and prisons. Find all CSH research on the cost effectiveness of supportive housing.
  • Supportive Housing Benefits Communities  Further evidence shows that supportive housing benefits communities by improving the safety of neighborhoods, beautifying city blocks with new or rehabilitated properties, and increasing or stabilizing property values over time. Find all CSH research on the positive impact of supportive housing on communities.

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