Housing and Family Instability Webinar
Prevention and intervention strategies for public system leaders
September 28, 2017
3-4:30 PM ET

How does housing instability impact family stability? Join CSH and the Child Welfare League of America (CWLA) in our Second webinar about the challenges families face when they are homeless or unstably housed and engaged in the child welfare system. This 90-minute webinar will offer new research about how homelessness impacts family structure and offers strategies from housing authorities, child welfare agencies and service providers to address these issues through collaborative and innovative approaches.

Moderators: Alison Harte, CSH; Julie Collins, CWLA

Presenters: Ann Deibert, Broward County (Florida) Housing Authority; Andria Dewson, the HEART Alliance; Kim Somaroo-Rodriquez, Connecticut Department of Children and Families; Amanda Benton, U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, ASPE.

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CSH is undertaking a strategic effort to break the intergenerational cycle of homelessness, child welfare involvement, and poor outcomes for vulnerable families with children.One_Roof_Logo_WhiteBackgroundNewSmall

Under ONE ROOF, CSH will elevate the visibility of vulnerable, at-risk families and the need for an improved and integrated policy response through the availability and targeting of supportive housing for families caught in this cycle. Visit the One Roof Website at


Family_walking_KFTFor most families, homelessness is a short, episodic event that usually can be addressed with a housing subsidy or affordable housing options. Some families, however, face more serious challenges to housing stability.

There is a subset of homeless families that need additional, more comprehensive services, in order to end their homelessness and maintain their housing stability. Although the federal definition of chronic homelessness includes only unaccompanied adults, CSH recognizes that there are families with children who should be considered as experiencing long-term homelessness. Further, because homelessness may have more immediately adverse effects on developing children, CSH believes that the defining length of “long-term” homelessness for families may need to be shortened to account for the needs of children.

CSH is developing and helping to implement supportive housing models designed for families with the most complex and challenging needs. Our signature program is Keeping Families Together. We’re also improving how very vulnerable families are assessed and identified so that they receive the help and housing appropriate to their circumstances.

CSH assists communities involved in Partnerships to Demonstrate the Effectiveness of Supportive Housing for Families with Child Welfare Involvement through the Child Welfare and Supportive Housing Resource Center.




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