Program and Financial Modeling

CSH’s suite of Program and Financial Modeling tools help communities quantify how they can use supportive housing as a key strategy for ending homelessness. Modeling offers very specific planning data, like:

  • Annual estimates of people experiencing homelessness in the community
  • Supportive housing unit goals
  • Targeted tenancy and production strategies
  • Capital costs for supportive housing units
  • Required operating costs and subsidies
  • Supportive services costs and resources

How Can Modeling Tools Benefit My Community?

CSH’s tools provide quantifiable goals and strategies that are key in building community support, advocating for funding, and developing efficient production and supportive services plans. They can also help your community answer the following key questions:

  • How many units of supportive housing are needed, and for whom?
  • What kinds of units should be created, and how quickly?
  • What should the balance between development and leasing strategies be?
  • What levels of services will be needed by tenants?
  • How much will it cost to create, operate and pay for services for those units?
  • Where can (or should) funding come from, and over what time frame?

 Read about CSH's Financial and Program Models in Washington, DC.


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