1070 Main Street Collaborative

1070 Main Street Collaborative


Local Situation

Staff and board at the Rhode Island Coalition for the Homeless became interested in the supportive housing model, which places the chronically homeless in permanent supportive housing rather than in shelters.

Local Solution

RICH invited the Corporation for Supportive Housing to open an office in Rhode Island. CSH instead used funds set aside for an office and a staff to “buy time” of staff in other organizations to support needed functions with the theory being that building strong bonds with groups in the community was not only ideal but necessary in order for real changes to be made. RICH and CSH brought Housing Network and the Housing Action Coalition on board because they understood the importance of communicating strategically with shelter providers, policy makers, funders, and the general public.

Impact and Outcomes

CSH, Housing Network, the Housing Action Coalition and RICH have pooled resources—sharing staff and workspace, reception and administrative support tasks and designate organizational representatives to attend common meetings. Together the group has also together applied to AmeriCorps and received 10-plus volunteers whose time is split among the organizations but that is managed by a single Housing Action Coalition staff person. The group has found the ability to work, plan, and seamlessly implement activities that create broader impact than any one group could achieve without a joint effort to break down organizational boundaries.

Many community results have flowed from these organizations’ decision to join forces.



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