Local Planning Work

Across the country, CSH is working on local planning projects that are helping communities improve how they work to end homelessness and solve other community problems.

Portland Governance and Structure Technical Assistance

CSH facilitated a series of meetings, bringing together stakeholders from the region to provide feedback on the homeless system governance.


Performance Evaluation – Los Angeles

CSH gathered input on the performance measures and outcomes that should be included as part of the evaluation process.


Indiana Balance of State Transitional Housing Analyses

CSH’s Transitional Housing Analysis Tool helps communities identify Transitional Housing projects that are appropriate for conversion.


Texas Balance of State Coordinated Access System

CSH held a two-day planning session to create a coordinated access model and necessary policies and procedures.


Performance Evaluation – Houston, Program Models

CSH facilitated discussion to create program standards and consensus around those housing standards.


Delaware State Continuum of Care – Systems Analysis

CSH analyzed system-wide data to illustrate how all the homeless programs in the community work together to produce system-wide outcomes.


Chicago Central Referral System

Central Referral System

The Central Referral System (CRS)  is Chicago’s tool …


1070 Main Street Collaborative

CSH along with RICH, The Housing Action Coalition of Rhode Island and Housing Network are an alliance bringing supportive housing to RI.


DC Program and Financial Modeling

CSH developed a financial model and program plan for the District, serving as the foundation for creating and funding new units.


New Jersey Point in Time Count

CSH is responsible for organizing the PITC as well as producing the report which includes data from all 21 Counties/CoC jurisdictions.


Supportive Housing Institute

A web-based tool for the State of Indiana, that is designed to streamline the process of finding supportive housing for clients.


CSH Solutions


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