CSH Housing Options Tool

The web-based Housing Options Tool connects people in housing crisis with the affordable and supportive housing options that can best meet their needs.

By completing a short online survey, clients and their case managers access a comprehensive list of housing options right for them. The tool uses survey responses, as well as community priorities, funder eligibility criteria and the very latest supportive housing research, to compile a customized list of housing options, ranked based on the best starting point for a given client.

The Housing Option Tool can accommodate a complete listing of permanent supportive housing, transitional housing and emergency shelter in your community. It offers city, county or state housing departments, continuums of care and housing coalitions, robust managerial support to:

  • Create and manage a centralized housing waitlist
  • Aggregate user statistics to reveal critical data about system gaps
  • Provide screening and eligibility assessment tools for prevention resource
  • Support the development of a common application for all community housing options

How Can the Housing Options Tool Help My Community?

The tool allows you to:

  • Ensure that every client, no matter their location, has the same opportunity to access housing
  • Significantly streamline access to housing so you can end homelessness

 See CSH's Local Housing Options Tools: Chicago's HOST and Indiana's iHOPE.



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