CSH Charrettes

A Charrette is an intensive planning process that jumpstarts and streamlines how your community develops or updates its plan to end homelessness. It provides an opportunity for collaboration among diverse stakeholders to solve community problems related to homelessness within a very short period of time.

  • Four to six months of facilitated planning with a diverse steering committee
  • A customized Charrette Week of expert-led discussions and concentrated planning
  • A report with concrete action steps and implementation strategies for the future

How Can a Charrette Benefit My Community?

Charrettes stimulate and reignite community interest in ending homelessness.

  • Dramatically decrease the time required for planning from two years or more to four to six months
  • Quickly establish an open environment for concerns and questions
  • Push the community conversation forward and confront the most difficult issues
  • Strengthen relationships across systems, programs and funders

Who Needs a Charrette?

A CSH Charrette is right for any community that needs work on a plan to end homelessness—from those creating their first plan, to communities with new elected officials and staff, to those seeing diminishing support for efforts to end homelessness.


Learn about CSH Charrettes in ; Baltimore, MD; chicago, il; evansville, IN; hillsborough county, fl;  KING COUNTY, WAmarin County, caOREGON; Saskatoon, Canada; and Tippecanoe County, IN.


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