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CSH Learning Communities provide practical, customized, and focused technical assistance for local organizations to create or improve permanent supportive housing in their communities. These unique opportunities provide platforms for participants to access new knowledge through shared best practices, specialized speakers, and from other seasoned practitioners. CSH in Los Angeles is currently hosting  two Learning Communities for property managers, and  professionals working with transition aged youth.

The Property Management Knowledge Exchange is a Learning Community for on-site property managers to share best practices, increase skills, and enhance building operations in permanent supportive housing.

  • The Property Management Knowledge Exchange creates a forum that promotes ongoing learning in areas directly and indirectly related to permanent supportive housing such as partnerships with service providers, eviction prevention, enhanced property management and tenant relations.
  • Encourages the development of policies and procedures that are respectful, customer friendly and designed to increase housing retention for formerly homeless individuals and families.
  • Identifies trends and best practices that organizations can share with their home teams.
  • Establishes a network of field practitioners which will provide ongoing mutual support.

Click here for the 2013 PMKE Schedule

To learn more about the PMKE please contact Natalie Thropay at natalie.thropay@csh.org

or at 213-623-4342 ext. 10.


Transition Age Youth (TAY) Learning Community – is an opportunity for practitioners working with TAY to hear from specialized speakers, and learn from their peers on topics and issues that affect TAY and their barriers to housing stability.  Both service providers and property managers serving TAY in housing settings are encouraged to attend.

Click here for the 2014 TAY Learning Community Schedule

For more information about the TAY Learning Community please contact Angela Rosales or at 213-623-4342



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