CSH Staff

People are our greatest resource at CSH.

Brandon Aquino - Junior Budget and Financial Reporting Analyst

Sue Augustus - Senior Program Manager

Annie Bacci - Associate Program Manager

Nicole Bahena - Associate Director

Karen Bartos - Special Assistant to the President

Elizabeth Benito - Director

Jane Bilger - Senior Program Manager

Lindsey Bishop-Gilmore - Senior Program Manager

Taryn Boland - Communications Manager

Kathryn Bonamasso - Program Manager

Betsy Branch - Associate Director

Elizabeth Buck - Program Manager

Amber Buening - Program Manager

Erin Burns-Maine - Director, State Policy

Jacqueline Buschor - Senior Program Manager

Regina Cannon - Director

Alicia Caraballo - Development Manager

Lisa Chapman - Senior Program Manager

Emma Chapple - Program Manager

Courtney Christenson - Program Manager

Jose Colon - Grants and Contracts Administrator

Jessica Coria - Senior Program Manager

Rebecca Cortes - Program Coordinator

Deborah De Santis - President/CEO

Brigid DeLoach - Director, Texas

Liz Drapa - VP Consulting & Field Operations

John Dunne - Senior Loan Officer

Malika Edinborough - Junior Accountant

Ted Engchawadechasilp - Budget and Financial Reporting Analyst

Ann English - Program Manager

John Fallon - Senior Program Manager

Noah Fay - Senior Program Manager

Jillian Fox - Senior Program Manager

Robert Friant - Managing Director External Affairs, Communications & Training Center

Lauren Fulton - Senior Program Manager

Sarah Gallager - Director Strategic Initiatives

Edith Gimm - General Counsel

Rosa Gonzalez - Budget Reporting and Financial Analyst

Joy Granado - Controller

Nichole Guerra - Development Manager

Stephanie Harms - Chief Operating Officer

Alison Harte - Associate Director

Tom Haskin - Program Manager

Sarah Honey - Development Manager

David Howden - Acting Director

Matthew Hughes - Manager, Financial Reporting & Analysis

Sarah Hunter - Senior Program Manager

Janis Ikeda - Program Manager

Brigitt Jandreau - Chief Lending Officer

Janee Jenkins - Program Manager

Andrew Johnson - Senior Program Manager

Kim Keaton - Associate Director

Lindsay Kerby - Loan Officer

Lisa Kern - Director, Loan Closings & Legal Support

Katie Kitchin - Director

Mileta Knezevic - Loan Closing Assistant

Caitlin Kovalkoski - Director, Federal Policy

Deepa Kublal - Accounting Manager

Susan Lee - Senior Program Manager

Pascale Leone - Associate Director

Johnna Lowe - Program Manager

Heather Lyons - Director

Samantha Maggiani - Program Manager

Marcella Maguire - Director

Jennifer Marsh - HR and Development Coordinator

Megan Maxwell-Ranjbar - Program Manager

Denise McCaffrey - HR Manager

Nancy McGraw - Chief Development Officer

Stephanie Mercier - Director

Kristin Miller - Director

Margaret Miller-Fields - Administrative Manager

April Morrison - Senior Program Manager

Ryan Moser - VP Strategy & Impact

Heather Muller - Senior Program Manager

Saba Mwine - Senior Program Manager

Julie Nelson - Senior Program Manager

Tim Ng - Assistant Program Manager

Jeremy Nichols - Associate Program Manager

Ann Marie Oliva - Senior Policy Advisor

Jonathan Olson - Director

Margaret Palmer - Program Manager

Dara Papel - Senior Program Manager

Jessica Park - Program Manager

Brett Penner - Associate Program Manager

Irene Peragallo - Director

Andy Perry - Senior Program Manager

John Peterson - Associate Director

Lori Phillips-Steele - Director

Terri Power - Senior Program Manager

Jessica Preheim - Senior Program Manager

David Provost - Chief Financial Officer

Steven Quasny - Senior Loan Officer

Lauren Quinlan - Senior Program Manager

Sharon Rapport - Associate Director

Leah Rhea - Senior Program Manager

Chelsea Ross - Program Manager

Richard Rowe - Senior Program Manager

Joshua Rucker - Cyber Security and IT Manager

Simonne Ruff - Director

Carol Sainthilaire - Senior Program Manager

Gabriel Schuster - Program Manager, Analyst

Steven Shum - Senior Program Manager

Stephanie Sideman - Senior Program Manager

Tanuja Singh - Budget and Financial Reporting Analyst

Leah Sininsky - Development Manager

Tristina Sinopoli - Loan Officer

Jessica Smith - Senior Program Manager

Micah Snead - Senior Program Manager

Kevin Solarte - Senior Program Manager

Christi Staples - Director, New England

Susan Starrett - Associate Director

Jill Steen - Director

Tom Stubberud - Senior Program Manager

Deborah Thiele - Managing Director

Natalie Thropay - Program Coordinator

Jennifer Trepinski - Director of Loan Originations

Kathryn Turner - Loan Officer

Katrina S Van Valkenburgh - Managing Director, Central Region

Colleen Velez - Associate Director

Kathie Vida - Program Coordinator

Sarah Vogt - Compliance Officer

Leah Werner - Senior Program Manager

Cheryl Winter - Associate Director

Jennifer Yang - Associate Program Manager

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