Just as with any other household searching for a home in the community, it is important that supportive housing tenants have the opportunity to make meaningful choices about their housing. At minimum, this should include the opportunity to choose among multiple units of housing and ideally among a variety of housing models and locations. This helps to ensure that the housing meets the needs of all members of the household to the greatest extent possible and increases the value that they place on the housing. It emphasizes that tenants are independent members of the community and are able to make informed choices about their housing. Although there may be practical considerations that limit the choices that can be given to a prospective supportive housing tenant, it is important to strive toward maximizing tenant choice. In every case, property/housing managers should clearly explain the prospective tenants' options, including the option to refuse a unit of housing. 

In connecting a prospective tenant with a housing unit that best meets their needs, staff should:

  • Work with tenants to understand their needs and wants from a housing unit.
  • Support tenants in searching for and selecting a housing unit that meets their needs, including any accessibility needs. This includes communication and advocacy with landlords as needed.
  • Give tenants the opportunity to view and choose among multiple housing units.


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