Planning, creating and sustaining quality supportive housing requires clearly defined roles, responsibilities and communication strategies. For more information about roles in supportive housing and guidance in selecting the right role, visit Planning a Quality Supportive Housing Project. Once you have determined the role that you will play and have identified the key members of the project team, you should ensure that:

  • There are written descriptions of each supportive housing partner‚Äôs role, including, at minimum, the project sponsor, housing and/or property manager, and supportive services provider.
  • These descriptions detail the responsibilities of each partner.
  • These written descriptions are reviewed and revised annually at a minimum.

These written agreements and descriptions are often contained within a Memorandum of Understanding, which lays out how the partners will work together and make decisions. Click on the link to download a Sample Memorandum of Understanding Between a Housing Developer, Social Service Agency and Property Manager.

For more information about coordination between service providers and property/housing managers, visit the Property and Housing Management section.

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