Learn From Other PHAs

PHAs across the country are using their HCV Programs to help end homelessness. These PHAs have generously offered to share how their programs work and have provided their sample documents for you to refer to as you develop your HCV supportive housing program. Following is a brief description of each program. Please click on the icon below to access each detailed CSH PHA Profile and sample documents.

The Housing Authority of the City of Asheville, North Carolina established a preference for people who have been homeless for more than 90 days in both their HCV and Public Housing programs. They have served more than 100 chronically homeless individuals with a 90% success rate. (This is a non-MTW program.)

Baltimore City Housing Authority has created a set-aside for 500 chronically homeless households as part of its community’s ten year plan to end homelessness. (This is a non-MTW program.)

Boston Housing Authority created flexible intake procedures for homeless households and their advocates. (This is a non-MTW program.)

District of Columbia Housing Authority has radically changed their application and lease-up procedures for HUD-VASH and reduced the time from referral to lease-up from an average of six months to an average of 30 days. (This is a non-MTW program.)

Houston Housing Authority has been able to end veteran homelessness by working with their local Continuum of Care and creating a homeless preference for voucher programs. (This is a non-MTW program.)

The King County Housing Authority’s Housing Access and Services Program (HASP) combines non-elderly disability vouchers with crisis intervention, housing search, and housing stability services for people with disabilities.  With 1750 vouchers in use, it represents one of the largest disability programs of its kind in the country.

San Antonio Housing Authority has established a partnership with a service partner to implement a Shelter Plus Care voucher program serving 100 homeless households. (This is a non-MTW program using Shelter Plus Care Vouchers.)

San Francisco Housing Authority is housing families with Family Unification Program (FUP) Vouchers through the Families Moving Forward program, which offers housing assistance, intensive case management, and extensive services to homeless, child welfare-involved families that are at high risk of having children removed. (This is a non-MTW program.)

Seattle Housing Authority reduced and standardized its screening criteria for applicants to its HCV program in order to increase access for homeless households. (This is a non-MTW program.)


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