Supportive Housing Integrated Models Toolkit

In creating and sharing the CSH Supportive Housing Integrated Models Toolkit  CSH strives

  • Build the capacity of the affordable housing industry to create and operate high-quality, effective,
    and sustainable supportive housing units in a variety of integrated models
  • Encourage investment in supportive housing, and increase its inclusion in traditional affordable or
    market rate housing developments
  • Answer commonly asked questions to foster familiarity about supportive housing populations and
    give realistic information tying directly to project planning and operations
  • Create a better understanding of the word “integration,” going beyond the number of units within
    any given development and encourage dialogue and ideas on how to promote community

Through the Toolkit, CSH expects readers – developers, policy makers, service providers, and community
residents - will learn the range of community responses offering permanent housing solutions that address
local goals of helping individuals with a disability move into independent community based residential
settings with minimal restrictions, or ending long term homelessness.

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