Medicaid and Housing Related Services


States recognize that addressing Health Related Social Needs (HRSN) will improve individual health outcomes and the health of communities while reducing Medicaid spending. An increasing number of states have approved Medicaid waivers and State Plan Amendments or SPAs that cover HRSN services.  All of those waivers have included Housing Related Services (HRS) as one of the HSRN services.  Using Medicaid funding for Supportive Housing services gives states the potential to scale the evidenced based model of Supportive Housing. CSH is also advocating for six strategies combined with these new services to create more supportive housing. The first and most important of these strategies is to align affordable housing with the services at the system level. This toolkit informs how states have taken to improve service delivery and financing of the services that cover Housing Related Services (HRS) and are now commonly delivered by supportive housing providers.

As of early 2024, twenty-three states are covering or in the process of implementing Housing Related Services (HRS) to help Medicaid recipients obtain and maintain housing in their community. It is understood that housing status has a significant impact on a person’s ability to effectively connect with the healthcare system and maintain good health and as such, Federally Qualified Health Centers serving individuals experiencing homelessness or housing instability will want to assist their patients with accessing these services. The second half of this toolkit also teaches how to access these services in each state that has been implemented or is in the process of implementation. In states with recently approved waiver

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