Between the Lines: A Question and Answer Guide on Legal Issues in Supportive Housing, National Edition


With support from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, CSH published the first Between the Lines in 2001. Supportive housing developers, service providers, property managers and government staff have since frequently referenced the guide for clarification on general legal principles related to developing, leasing and operating supportive housing.This guide includes an explanation of federal and some state laws governing supportive housing in a question and answer format, as
well as a glossary of terms, specific legal definitions and Department of Justice memos that further clarify reasonable accommodation and modification.
Between the Lines offers information about the laws and regulations that govern supportive housing, and attempts to provide assistance in furthering the CSH goal of creating stable housing for homeless individuals and families. However, the Guide is not intended to solve specific legal situations that would require counsel, to provide legal advice, or to substitute for the assistance of an attorney. Readers should consult legal counsel and local government representatives for answers to and advice on specific legal concerns.

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