A Review of Services for Homeless Veterans in Illinois

In November 2009, the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) developed the Five Year Plan to End Homelessness among Veterans; in April 2010, each Veterans Integrated Services Network (VISN) and Veterans Affairs Medical Center (VAMC) began developing what has come to be known as ‘Synchronized Plans to End Homelessness Among Veterans,’ as well as organizing and holding yearly summits around ending homelessness among Veterans.  CSH has been retained to assist the VA’s VISN 11 with convening a one-day summit to review and maximize the success of efforts to end homelessness among Veterans in the Southern and Central Illinois.

In preparation for this summit, CSH and VISN 11 conducted a scan and analysis of current VA and non-VA efforts to end homelessness among Veterans, the results of which are summarized in this report.  This report’s purpose is to:

  • Present the scope of the problem
  • Identify areas of overlap and potential collaboration between the VA’s, State, and community efforts to end homelessness
  • Offer potential ideas for innovative strategies to “connect the dots” between systems.

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