A Quick Guide to Medicaid Waivers and State Plan Amendments

Medicaid is public health insurance. It pays for medically-necessary healthcare services. States provide Medicaid through a contract with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) called a Medicaid State Plan. There are specific federal guidelines that every state plan must include; however states may apply to CMS to create new benefits and serve specific populations under specific authorities called waivers and plan amendments. Many states are seeking waivers and/or plan amendments in order to pay for pre-tenancy and tenancy-sustaining services in supportive housing. This Quick Guide provides an overview of the Medicaid authorities most suitable for creating Medicaid Supportive Housing Services Benefits.

CSH tracks the progress of states that are pursuing and implementing Supportive Housing Services Benefits. Check out the federal and state policy section of csh.org/health for the latest updates

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