Supportive Housing Training Center

Your one-stop shop for trainings designed for people working in affordable & low-income housing.

What is the Supportive Housing Training Center?

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The CSH Supportive Housing Training Center offers practical, interactive training solutions that empower people to learn about, build, & provide high-quality supportive housing in their community. The Training Center includes hundreds of webinars & webinar series, self-paced online classes and videos.

Supportive Housing Training Center Includes:

• A diverse range of learning resources and professional development opportunities
• Free learning resources and events
• Affordable live training and interactive self-paced e-learning for learning at anytime
• Learner action guides to help you apply your learning
• Training packages and plans
• Training certificates for all courses
• Access to live training course recordings for 90 days


CSH is committed to meeting your training needs in this time of crisis and beyond. We understand providers need content addressing the current pandemic while many of you are also seeking core professional development opportunities. Our upcoming webinars and trainings will provide both. We will include new COVID-19 content, augment existing courses to include COVID-19 information as the topic warrants, and offer original non-COVID related courses to ensure the supportive housing industry remains strong.

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