Systems Change & Coordinated Entry

Systems Change

CSH uses supportive housing solutions to help build healthy communities and promote the integration of public systems and coordinated care for individuals and families. This holistic approach of improving the lives of our most vulnerable people requires that we reach beyond the traditional housing resources, and connect with public agencies and organizations providing funding streams and resources for housing and service needs.

System change is an evolving, iterative process that can take years, but CSH is expert at coordinating change on a faster timeline. We know that to best serve the men, women and families in most need, there must be a high degree of integration among service providers, property owners and managers, and the array of public agencies that fund these projects.

Our Signature Initiatives FUSE, the Social Innovation Fund Initiative, Pay for Success and our One Roof effort are prime examples where CSH has successfully removed the silos that kept many public agencies from working together.

Coordinated Entry

Coordinated entry is a centralized and streamlined system for accessing housing and support services, and is required by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development for all Continuums of Care. CSH has worked with communities across the country to create local Coordinated Entry systems that moves individuals and families from homelessness to housing quickly and effectively, giving them the stability and services they need to recover and thrive.

Chicago Coordinated Entry

Chicago's Coordinated Entry System serves as a front door to connect people facing homelessness to housing and supports in an accessible, equitable, transparent manner.

Houston Coordinated Entry

The work of creating a coordinated access system started in Houston as part of a charrette hosted by CSH that helped the community create a plan to end homelessness.