MAY 6, 2020
  HOUSING ASSESSMENTS Anyone sleeping in a shelter, outside, in a vehicle, or any place not meant for human habitation can call the Coordinated Entry Call Center at 312-361-1707 to complete a housing assessment. The call center is open Monday through Friday from 8:30am – 4:00pm. Please note, this may or may not lead to a housing option and does not solve your immediate housing crisis.
ACCESS TO SHELTER If you are in need of shelter please call 3-1-1 to request transportation to a shelter.

Coordinated Entry System Lead Agencies Contact

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CES Training, Documents, Materials & Resources

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Chicago Coordinated Entry System (CES) training sessions will be offered for Skilled Assessors, Outreach and Shelter professionals, Housing Providers, as well as general training for key partners in ending homelessness. Listed below are all training sessions on the topics of engaging, assessing, matching, navigating and housing people facing homelessness in Chicago.


Skilled Assessors

Staff serving as Skilled Assessors should be able to engage the population, observe mental health or substance use disorder symptoms, have the capacity to assess individuals enrolled in your agencies program/s, and be users of the Homeless Management Information System (HMIS). Skilled Assessors may also be asked to complete assessments with those not enrolled in your agencies programs if your agency operates a program that will serve as an Access Point. Click here to review the Skilled Assessor Agreement. After your supervisor signs this agreement click here to complete a Skilled Assessor Interest Form.

Skilled Assessor Training Materials

Skilled Assessor Agreement 

Coordinated Entry System Skilled Assessor Intro PPT 

Homeless Management Information System (HMIS) Consent 

Homeless Management Information System (HMIS) Privacy Policy Notice 

Coordinated Entry System Skilled Assessor Workflow 

Chicago Coordinated Entry Standardized Housing Assessment 

Youth Vulnerability Index 

Individual Vulnerability Index 

Family Vulnerability Index 

Skilled Assessor Training Evaluation Survey


Housing Providers 

Housing providers, please check out the Matching Provider webinar and materials from prior training sessions posted below.

Matching Training Materials

Eligibility Survey 

Matching Request Form 

Re-matching Request Form 

Housing Provider Matching Webinar 

Veteran Housing Provider PPT Presentation 

SSVF Request to Pause and Re-Start Matching 

Housing Provider Workflow 

Contact Protocols


Please view the materials from a variety of training sessions posted below designed for Shelter/Interim Housing, Outreach, and the broader community.

Coordinated Entry System 101 Materials

CES 101 PPT Presentation 

Family CES 101 PPT Presentation 

Healthcare Providers 101 Webinar Recording 


Coordinated Entry System Training for Outreach Staff 

Targeted Outreach Kick-Off 

Shelter Staff 

ECS Shelter PPT Presentation


Learn how to verify chronic homelessness with a focus on expediting the process of housing people experiencing chronic homelessness while assisting with obtaining needed documentation. 

Permanent Supportive Housing CES Webinar: Housing Navigators, Bridge Housing, Rematch Updates

Documenting Chronic Homelessness Training Materials

PSH Verifying Chronic Homelessness PPT Presentation 

Chronic Verification Packet

The documents here provide everything you need to work with the Chicago Coordinated Entry System from overview to requesting matches.

Coordinated Entry Prioritization Plan

Coordinated Entry Prioritization Webinar 

2019 Prioritization Chart

Coordinated Entry System Overview

CES Policy and Procedure Guide 

CES Policy & Procedures Guide – Housing for Domestic Violence & Human Trafficking Victims/Survivors

Coordinated Entry Policy and Procedure Calendar

Coordinated Entry Housing Provider Guide

Coordinated Entry Shelter, Drop-In Center and Outreach Guide

Ending Veteran Homelessness Initiative Policy and Procedure Guide

CES Refinement Lab Slides 

CES Refinement Lab Report

Coordinated Entry System Assessment

Assessment Refinement Webinar, November 2019

HMIS Skilled Assessor Workflow 

Homeless Management Information System (HMIS) Consent 

Homeless Management Information System (HMIS) Privacy Policy Notice 

Chicago Coordinated Entry Housing Assessment 

Observational Assessment 

Youth Vulnerability Index 

Individual Vulnerability Index 

Family Vulnerability Index

Skilled Assessors

CE Participant Handout 

Coordinated Entry Homeless Definition Training 

Observing Mental Health & Substance Use Symptoms 

Skilled Assessor Script

Steps to Becoming a Skilled Assessor

Housing Providers

HMIS Housing Provider Workflow 

HMIS Need Status Glossary 

Project Eligibility Details Form 

Rapid Re-Housing Bridge Program 

Rapid Re-Housing Provider Phone Script 

Transfer Policy PowerPoint

Transfer Policies


Behind the Scenes of Matching for CES Webinar 

Match Request Contact Protocols - Follow After Receiving a Match 

Match Request Form

Rematch Request 


Chronic Homelessness Verification Packet 

Instructions: How to Upload the Chronic Homelessness Verification Packet to HMIS 

Video: How to Upload the Chronic Homelessness Verification Packet to HMIS 


CE Transfer Policies and Procedures Webinar

Transfer Policies

Housing System Navigators

Roles & Responsibilities 

Housing System Navigation Workflow 

How To Share Navigation Notes 

New Housing System Navigation Launch Presentation

Grievance Policy & Procedures

You have the right to file a grievance if you have a compliant about the services you receive via the Chicago Coordinated Entry System. We encourage you to try to work out the problem directly with the other person/program as a first step in the process. If you cannot do that or you are unsatisfied with the outcome you may submit your grievance.

Grievance Policy & Procedures