In New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania, CSH has committed over $150 million in grants and loans and worked with over 140 nonprofit organizations to create over 18,000 units of supportive housing.


CSH Awarded Grants Totaling $250,000 from United Hospital Fund and Altman Foundation

CSH has received a $125,000 grant from the United Hospital Fund and another $125,000 grant from the Altman Foundation to increase the integration of health and housing partnerships in New York by scaling The Bronx Frequent Users of Hospital Systems (Bronx FUSE) Initiative, which identifies and helps very vulnerable people within the healthcare systems who are in need of housing.…

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The Frequent User Services Enhancement (FUSE) initiative is a supportive housing program developed by CSH with support from various government agencies that provided housing and support services to individuals who …


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Castle Gardens is home to formerly incarcerated homeless individuals with special needs or have someone in their family that meets those criteria. At Castle Gardens residents can access counseling, substance …

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