In 2003, CSH opened its offices in Los Angeles. Since then, CSH has distributed over $70 million in funding to stimulate the development of over 10,000 units of housing throughout Los Angeles County.

Contracting Opportunity: Developing a Cross-Sector Convening (Los Angeles, CA)

Second Cohort Older Adult and Homeless Services Cross-Sector Convening Description: CSH seeks a consultant who has demonstrated experience in successfully facilitating cross-sector convenings to foster collaboration focused on providing housing and supportive services for older adults who are living in or at risk of homelessness in Los Angeles. The desired outcome is to build on a 2019 CSH cross-sector convening…

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Moving On from Supportive Housing Evaluation Report

With funding and support from the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation and the Los Angeles Home for Good Campaign, CSH launched the Moving On pilot in 2013. CSH awarded grants to …


Early Results of TAY Triage Tool: Confirming Validity Outside of Los Angeles

With support from the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation, the TAY Triage Tool was developed by Dr. Eric Rice for CSH in conjunction with community partners in Los Angeles during 2012 …


Stable Homes, Brighter Futures Evaluation Report – Year 2 Interim Report

As part of a broader effort to address the unique needs of highly vulnerable homeless TAY and build supportive housing capacity in diverse regions of Los Angeles County, CSH launched …

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