In Illinois, CSH has committed over $21.6 million in grants, loans and services to 158 supportive housing projects--that's 8,624 homes in the state.

Subcontracting Opportunity: Videography and Editing (Chicago Area)

Description: CSH is seeking an Illinois based subcontractor to create 3 videos for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, focused on the option to live in supportive housing.  Video storyboarding will be done under the direction of CSH staff.  Individuals to be interviewed will be identified by CSH staff.  The subcontractor must provide their own equipment, have fluency in English…

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For aging caregivers of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities, preparing for the future is a constant worry. Catalina Sanchez, grandmother to John, addresses the concerns and hopes she has …


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In a coordinated entry system (CES), all providers of homeless housing and services in the community work together to ensure that from the moment a household first presents a housing …


The Cost of Segregation

The Metropolitan Planning Council, together with Urban Institute and a team of regional policy advisors, including Betsy Benito, CSH Director in Illinois,  analyzed segregation patterns in the 100 largest metropolitan …

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