Q. What would you like folks to know about you in addition to the fact that you have lived experience of homelessness/housing instability?

I would like people to know that I am so much more than just a person who's experienced the hardship of homelessness- I'm a daughter, a sister, an activist, a pianist, an artist, and someone in recovery.

Q. What keeps you most engaged in this work as part of the CLIP cohort?

I stay engaged in this work because it is a way for me to feel like im an active part of a solution that needs to be created by people who have been through what formerly/ currently homeless individuals have.

Q. What role do you believe persons with lived expertise can play in creating systems change?

I genuinely believe persons with lived experience can be and should be at the heart of creating systems change. The knowledge of individuals who have been through housing instability combined equally and equitably with those from an intellectual perspective would be ideal.