Q. What would you like folks to know about you in addition to the fact that you have lived experience of homelessness/housing instability?

Joe has many, varied interests including acting, music/music history and perfumes/cologne knowledge. His love for film, actors/actresses, behind the scene stories have encouraged and fueled his acting aspirations but hopes to also have the chance to host on tv or radio, co-produce projects, create projects that promote the human condition.

Q. What keeps you most engaged in this work as part of the CLIP cohort?

Knowing how far we've come, especially in CT, when it comes to advocating for more housing support in addition to all of the interest from the public and media partners, helps me stay positive that all the struggle is worth it when you finally get that apartment key in your hand.

Q. What role do you believe persons with lived expertise can play in creating systems change?

I think we, people with lived experience, help keep our community partners on track with the goals and initiatives that we all share, by bringing our perspective, we add a richer, deeper picture of housing and homelessness