Since 1993, CSH has worked in Connecticut, providing over $7 million in loans and grants, training and assistance to over 200 nonprofits to create over 2,000 new units of supportive housing.


Race Equity Framework for the CT Homelessness & Housing System

All of us at CSH are excited to share with you a report recently released by our New England Team that outlines the development of a Connecticut (CT) Race Equity Framework co-created with community partners and CSH via the Connecticut Collaborative for Race Equity. Below is a synopsis from the CSH New England team.¬† We hope that you read this…

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Race Equity Framework for the Connecticut Homeless & Housing System

This report seeks to involve staff at all levels who work to end homelessness in the state of Connecticut. By sharing our work, we hope to: affirm the intersection between …


Moving On Profile: Hartford, CT

In February of 2009, with technical assistance and support from CSH, the Hartford based non-profit¬†organization Journey Home surveyed 7 supportive housing programs throughout the Capitol Region to determine if supportive …


The Franklin and Eleanor Apartments

Expanded Project Profile The Franklin and Eleanor Apartments are two developments providing a combined 110 residential units in a single rehabilitated hospital property in Bridgeport, CT. The Franklin Apartments has …

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