Our Five-Year Strategic Plan

A Strategic Plan to Meet the Moment

Collectively, we have made progress in creating nearly 400,000 homes for people and families experiencing complex barriers to housing.

Yet, there are many more people waiting for a place to call home.

CSH believes that all people should have universal access to affordable and accessible housing, services promoting their health and wellbeing, and economic security. The CSH 2023-2027 Strategic Plan is working to make this happen.

We invite you to join us for the next phase of our journey.

Join us to meet
the moment.

Our 2023-2027 Strategic Plan
A Bold Plan of Action to Create and Preserve 600,000 Homes

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From 2023 to 2027, the CSH strategic plan will guide our work toward building equitable and thriving communities with universal access to housing and services.

Our plan seeks to create or preserve 150,000 homes for supportive housing and 450,000 additional homes affordable to people with extremely low incomes and drastically increase the availability of services including Medicaid-funded tenancy supports in 35 states. To accomplish this work, we are focusing on three areas:

  • Affordable and Accessible Housing

  • Services Promoting Health and Wellbeing

  • Economic Security for Tenants and Staff who Support Them

Our plan doesn't stop there.


We know that to accomplish this work, we must invest in strengthening our organization, namely our people, and prioritize the activities that drive what we do. These drivers are:

  • Focus on Equity

  • Center People and Communities

  • Promote Quality

Our Three Focus Areas


Focus on Housing

Homes end homelessness. CSH is focusing on increasing the supply of affordable and supportive housing for people experiencing homelessness or who face complex barriers to housing. Access to housing is a human right and should be universally available and affordable, with efforts to increase housing justice for those who face discrimination


Focus on Services

Services aligned with housing are critical for helping people move into and sustain a home of their choice. Yet, federal and state funding for services must be adequate and consistent. CSH is collaborating with partners to increase the availability of, a budget for, and access to services that support people to thrive in stable housing.


Focus on Economic Security

Economic security means that people can fully meet current and ongoing financial obligations, feel secure in their financial future, and make choices that allow them to enjoy life. CSH is working to advance economic security and mobility for people living in supportive housing and the supportive housing workforce.

Three Drivers Powering Our Work


Focus on Equity

We advance a vision of equity and housing justice with emphasis on those who face barriers due to poverty, race, gender, age, LGBTQ+ identity, and disability.


Center People & Communities

CSH believes that people with lived experience of homelessness, supportive housing, and other systems are experts and must part of making decisions for solutions that affect their lives.

New Quality Star

Promote Quality

Supportive housing is an evidence-based solution that consistently achieves excellent outcomes when sufficiently funded and operated. We will continue to elevate our Quality Supportive Housing Standards as a national benchmark for housing developers, service providers, and funders. 

Strengthening CSH for the Road Ahead

CSH can only accomplish the work outlined in our strategic plan with its employees. Our drivers—Focusing on Equity, Centering People and Communities, and Promoting Quality—also apply to our organization internally. We cannot successfully implement these in our external work without understanding what it means to implement them within our organization.

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Our People, One CSH

We strive to be a workplace where people feel a sense of belonging and are supported. We seek to be a financially stable organization that provides competitive benefits and compensation to its staff and promotes a work-life balance.

Our Mission

CSH works to advance affordable housing aligned with services as an approach to help people thrive. We do this by advocating for effective policies and funding, equitably investing in communities, and strengthening the supportive housing field.

Our Vision

A just and equitable world in which all people are thriving. People have a safe and affordable home, a community in which they feel belonging, and the services and wealth they need to sustain it.

Our Values

Principled Risk Taking
We take disciplined risks to create bold and lasting change.

Courageous Interdependence
We rely on each other to thrive.

Equity and Racial Justice
We put equity and racial justice at the heart of our work.

We are transparent about who we are, how we act, and what we do.

We pursue joy to transform community.

We invite you to join us as a partner in meeting the urgent needs that people have today while preventing even more people from experiencing homelessness related to the housing crisis tomorrow.

Together we can create hundreds of thousands of affordable and supportive housing over the next five years as we build toward equitable and thriving communities with housing and services at the center.