Subcontracting Opportunity: California Older Adults Coalition Facilitation and Policy Support

September 22, 2021


CSH has developed and is working with a coalition of state-wide stakeholders in California to develop and advocate for policy recommendations to reduce homelessness and unnecessary institutionalization among older adults. We are seeking a subcontractor to support these efforts focusing on 1) facilitation and engagement of the coalition, and 2) support for CSH in educating agency staff and lawmakers about the need for policy and/or budget changes.

Planned activities:

Part 1: Coalition Facilitation, Engagement, and Support

The selected consultant will facilitate regular meetings of the Coalition and work with coalition members to keep them engaged and active.

  1. Facilitate monthly meetings of the Coalition members.
  2. Prepare for coalition meetings by meeting with CSH staff to set agendas.
  3. Assembling information into slides when needed.
  4. Facilitate coalition meetings, keeping them focused on the agenda, productive, and on time.
  5. Take notes about meeting outcomes and share them with the group.

2. Engage Coalition Members.

  • Regularly communicate with Coalition members by calling them to get input on their involvement and insights into policy.
  • Schedule and facilitate work group meetings among smaller groups of Coalition members as-needed.
  • Support the Coalition in answering questions and developing documents.
  • Conduct research to answer questions the Coalition members, members of the Administration, or legislators/legislative staff ask about the policy proposals.
  • Draft documents and/or review documents the Coalition and CSH prepares and work with CSH staff to edit and strengthen the documents.

Part II: Support CSH in Educating Agency Staff and Lawmakers

  1. Schedule and work with CSH policy staff and coalition members to prepare for meetings with legislators, legislative staff, and administrative leadership (including preparing materials).
  2. Facilitate meetings among lobbyists responsible for shepherding policy proposals.
  3. Debrief following meetings and facilitate calls to determine next steps.
  4. Reach out to potential partners to negotiate changes to policy proposals and identify potential leads on policy proposals.
  5. Reach out to potential opponents to policy proposals and help engage them to support or take a neutral position.
  6. Help identify and schedule witnesses and supporters for legislative hearings.
  7. Identify other opportunities to influence the adoption of the policy proposals.

Expected Outcomes, Milestones, and Deliverables:

  1. Schedule, prepare for, facilitate and debrief monthly meetings of the coalition.
  2. Schedule, prepare for, facilitate and debrief workgroups of the coalition (as-needed).
  3. Prepare documents and power points about the coalition’s policy priorities.
  4. Schedule, prepare for, and support CSH in conducting meetings with agency staff and legislators.

Funding Available:

The project is grant-funded by the May & Stanley Smith Charitable Trust with an amount not to exceed $100,000. This position requires a commitment from October 2021 through the end of 2022.

Application Process and Vendor Requirements:

To apply for this opportunity, please submit qualifications, project approach, and budget information to Erika Cervantes at erika.cervantes@csh.org on or by October 7, 2021. Applicants may be asked to participate in an interview prior to selection.

  • Qualifications: Please share examples of work performed that demonstrate experience and expertise with the activities planned for this project, including client name and dates of engagement.
  • Project approach: Please describe the unique approach your firm would take with each of the project activities and why.
  • Budget: Please submit hourly rates for each person that will work on the project and their estimated percentage of the overall work, a proposed not-to-exceed (NTE) dollar amount for the project, and the rationale for choosing the NTE based on the proposed approach and consultant’s availability.
  • Any other information that would be important for CSH to have in consideration of the submission.
  • The total qualifications package should not exceed six pages.

Required Qualifications:

The selected consultant will have the following qualifications:

  • Demonstrated experience working with coalitions focused on policy development and advocacy.
  • Clear writing skills.
  • Demonstrated experience in meeting scheduling, preparations, and facilitation.
  • Demonstrated experience setting and meeting interim deadlines and deliverables for project teams.
  • Experience and/or interest in California State legislative process.
  • Experience and desire to be part of and working with racially diverse people and communities.
  • Commitment to homelessness advocacy and inclusion.
  • A balanced perspective and understanding of the ups and downs of advocacy work.

Please note that CSH requires subcontractors, including individuals and sole proprietors, to carry workers' compensation insurance and general liability insurance while performing work under a CSH subcontract.  CSH subcontractors cannot have existing, pending or expired debarments that preclude them from doing business with the United States government and cannot have convictions for, nor have any pending indictments for, fraud or a criminal offense in connection with a public contract or subcontract.

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